A Minimalist Approach to New Year's Resolutions

I usually get way too ambitious with my resolutions, like last year:

Learn jazz piano, salsa dancing, hip hop, intro ballet, French, Bengali writing, Roman history, art, how to draw. Workout regularly, wake up at 6am on weekdays, write 200 words every day, expand my social circle, volunteer, write in my journal more, actively explore NYC, blog more, relearn classical piano pieces, and spend less money.

Out of the nineteen goals, I moderately succeeded in only two of them. With too many goals, it was hard to prioritize, measure progress, and notice the lack thereof. I also felt guilty about the goals I neglected.

A Minimal List

This year I was introduced to The Minimalists, who taught me that minimalism is a tool to help you find freedom. I took their advice and reduced my stuff by about 70% to just what I needed and loved. It was liberating.

Applying that same minimalism, here are my goals for 2015:

Blog every month, learn to draw, and learn to play jazz piano.

I already feel more focused. Try reducing your resolutions to the few that truly matter. Let me know how it feels and how it goes!