3 Steps to a Minimal Wardrobe

My wardrobe minimized

Minimizing my wardrobe was a way to simplify my life. I learned how to own fewer clothes and how to construct a minimal wardrobe.

But actually getting rid of my unused clothes was a struggle.

What were the obstacles?

  1. I couldn’t remove clothes that had sentimental value.
  2. I felt guilty about tossing expensive items.
  3. Logistics of donating those clothes seemed like a hassle.

Three steps to success

After a few failed attempts and inspired by the concept of a packing party, I tried this:

  1. For each item, ask “Have I used this in the last 6 months?”
  2. If the answer is no, put it in a box.
  3. At some later date, take the box(es) to the donation center.

I let a month pass before I actually moved the boxes, so I was certain I wouldn’t need any of those clothes. Now, months later, I still have no regrets.

The key was to separate the decision of which clothes to get rid of from the physical task of removing those clothes.

How did you simplify your life? I’d love to hear about the challenges you faced along the way!